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A Range Backpack for a Birthday Gift

This month, I had to make my fiance's birthday gift. I usually give him a few months before any gift-giving occasion to decide what he wants. Ever since he saw my Caravan Tote, though, from earlier this year, he wanted a bag for himself. 

My Bowline Sweater: A Sweater with a Twist

It's starting to get chilly on some days here, now. For the past few weeks, I've been finding myself "freezing,"  even though it's still over 15 degrees out! In fact, when I had a cold a little while back, I couldn't stop thinking about planning my fall wardrobe and the first item on that list was the Bowline Sweater from Papercut Patterns.

A Darling Ranges for Graduation

As someone who tries to wear me-made everyday (not just in May!), I knew I had to make a dress for my graduation! I was inspired by my university's colours and chose this blue floral rayon accordingly. I also chose Megan Nielsen's Darling Ranges pattern for a number of reasons. 

An On Trend DIY Off The Shoulder Dress

The greatest thing about being able to sew, hands-down, is being able to create any style you want... even if it's not currently "in" or on trend in stores. There's just so much freedom with sewing!However, every now and again, a trend I see in store inspires me and I must make a me-made version of it.