Sewing the Trends with Free Patterns

What better way to experiment with sewing trends than with free patterns? I'm sure I'm not the only one who is nervous when trying a different style that may look good on the Zara mannequins but may not translate well on me! Here are my top free patterns for sewing the trends this spring season! 

Why I Will (Eventually) Recreate This Denim Hollyburn

I pulled out Sewaholic's Hollyburn pattern for the first time. The Hollyburn was truly an exercise in creative problem-solving. I managed to squeeze all the pieces out of my yardage and threaded up my machine. While constructing this skirt was pretty basic and pain-free, I got way over-ambitious and attempted to insert an exposed zipper.

A Comfy and Casual Axel Skirt

In case you can't tell, knits are a wardrobe staple for me. Actually, I've recently found myself in a huge "knit kick", so to speak, and have a lot of knit garments to show for it.  They're quick, easy to sew, and are uber comfortable. So is Megan Nielsen's Axel skirt.

Sewing Special Valen-Ties

I've got to admit, I'm a pretty selfish sewer. When people ask me to make them things, which happens somewhat frequently, I almost always flat out say no (in a nice and more polite way, of course!). However, when it comes to people I love, I just can't say no.

Neenah Made Me a Turtleneck Convert

Whether they be on the cover of magazines, in the windows of shops, or even in the sewing blogosphere, turtlenecks are everywhere! As someone with a mild case of turtleneckphobia, I dreaded seeing that they were so trendy. However, when I first saw Seamwork Magazine's Neenah dress, I warmed up to the idea of wearing one.