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#MakeNine2018 and Other Sewing Plans!

#MakeNine2018 and Other Sewing Plans!

Happy New Year, everyone! I, for one, am very happy to say goodbye to 2017 and say hello to 2018.

2017 was a bit of a wild one for me. It was the year I started my blog, the year I finished my undergraduate degree and the year I got my first "real" post-grad job! But, it was also the year where I lost a lot, felt lost a lot, and just overall needed to hit "refresh" on a lot of things. 

However, I wholeheartedly believe that 2018 is going to be my year! I'll be moving out in February, getting married in June, and working towards growing my blog and enriching my sewing practice by making new-to-me things. That's why I've sat down and come up with my #MakeNine2018 plan and a few other sewing goals. Without further ado, here they are!


Kalle Shirt by Closet Case Patterns

I've been slowly working on achieving a good little capsule wardrobe for work but I find I'm running a bit low on blouses, so enter the Kalle Shirt.  I'm not quite sure whether I want to make a View A or View B yet but... this one's definitely one of my most-wanted makes. Truth be told, I've never successfully made myself a button up blouse yet even though I've made my fiance a couple (which you may see on the blog real soon!). The main thing was getting the fit down with the bust. However, after doing a few FBAs on other patterns, I'm sure I can make this chic pattern work for me!

Lander Pants by True Bias

Another thing I haven't quite successfully made for myself because of fit problems is pants. Pants are a really tricky thing for me as a wide-calfed person. This is especially hard when all the pant patterns you liked had skinny legs... until the Lander Pants came out, of course! I snapped up this pattern really quick after launch, excited for tackle it this winter! While I've had to put it aside for some Christmas and miscellaneous sewing, I already have the fabric and everything picked out for my first pair!

Jill Coatigan by Seamwork Magazine

I've got to be honest... I'm afraid of making coats! Maybe it's because I live in Canada and it's currently -22 degrees here, but I've had my doubts over me-made coats. However, coats feel like a major rite of passage for sewists, it seems. I think I'm ready to ease into it with the Jill Coatigan pattern. I chose this one as my first foray into coats as it looks simple enough (but it also uses some Seamwork credits I've had laying around).

Suki Kimono by Helen's Closet

The prospect of living with my fiance for the first time warranted me to create a pretty robe for our impending lazy days in. The Suki Kimono fits the bill with its practical pockets and stylish silhouette. Bonus, it's also a part of #SewMyStyle in June... so it's a perfect make to finish for after the wedding! 

Kielo Dress by Named Patterns

After seeing Rachel's Kielo Dress on Maker Style, I knew I needed to make this dress! It looks so put together but so casual at the same time. It also looks easy to sew. This makes it an ideal dress to make for any of my upcoming wedding-related events like a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner. Definitely expect a Kielo Dress on the blog come the spring! 

Dove Blouse by Megan Nielsen

You don't have to look at my blog for long to see that I'm a big Megan Nielsen fangirl (see exhibits A, B, CD and E)! The Dove Blouse, though, is one of her patterns that I've had in my stash for some time but haven't made. I know it will be a perfect addition to my work wardobe, no matter the version I make. I also know I can count on her superb drafting and instruction for a great finished project.

Harriet Bra by Cloth Habit

Much like coat making, bra making is another rite of passage for sewists. I've made a few bralettes before and the Watson bra once but I am totally a foam bra girl at heart. Finding out that the lovely Harriet Bra could be made with foam was life-changing... well, more like sewing-goal-changing. Hopefully, I'll be able to knock one of these out of the park this year!

Sasha Trousers by Closet Case Patterns

I fell hard for the Sasha Trousers when they released. They would be such a perfect pair of pants for work! However, the whole nonsuccessful pant making aspect stopped me from rushing to make a pair. I'm determined, though, to make them after making a pair or two of the Lander Pants. Wish me luck! 

Leonora Skirt by Seamwork Magazine

Last but not least of my #MakeNine2018 is a skirt I had in the works for months! I picked up the Leonora Skirt with my Seamwork credits when it was first announced, found the perfect corduroy fabric in my stash for it, then prioritized other makes before it. I will commit to finishing it this year, though! My vision for the button front skirt will be fulfilled! 

Other Sewing Plans

Elizabeth Gown from Named Patterns for My Wedding Dress

Last time I talked to you about my wedding dress, I thought I would be done by December. Boy, was that wishful thinking on my part! Here's a little update on it, though. I have decided on the Elizabeth Gown from Named Patterns after making muslins of both pattern options I discussed in my last blog post here.

I also bought my wonderful, albeit very expensive, silk for the dress! I just cut out my second muslin last night after taking in the back and getting a friend's help to convert the dart into a seam (yes, you can do that!). Fingers crossed, I'll be able to cut into the final fabric very very soon!

Belvedere Waistcoast from Thread Theory for The Groom

Aside from making my wedding dress, I've vowed to make at least more than a bow tie for my groom! The Belvedere Waistcoat by Thread Theory seemed like the perfect garment to make him for that day.

Totally inspired by Morgan's version she made for Matt to wear at a wedding, I ordered the same khaki canvas and some navy paisley lining from her shop for it. The name of the pattern also gives us warm and fuzzy feelings, too, when we talk about it because we got engaged on top of Belvedere Castle in the middle of Central Park!


That's it, folks! Aside from these garments, I have some goals to grow to blog and work towards maintaining a semi-regular blog posting schedule after I move in February. I'll be getting a dedicated sewing room (I'm so lucky!) and I will have way better lighting in my new apartment. So, stay tuned for all the exciting changes! 

Have you planned for 2018 yet? Are you just as excited as I am? Tell me in the comments below.

Pattern Testing the Culver Dress

Pattern Testing the Culver Dress