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Sewing Special Valen-Ties

Sewing Special Valen-Ties

I've got to admit, I'm a pretty selfish sewer.

When people ask me to make them things, which happens somewhat frequently, I almost always flat out say no (in a nice and more polite way, of course!).

However, when it comes to people I love, I just can't say no. I especially love making things for my fiancé because I feel he really appreciates all the hard work that goes into sewing. He's creative himself (he's a graphic designer) so I feel like he just "gets" it.

Do you know what I mean?

For Valentine's Day, I resolved to make him a little set of ties and bow ties.

We went to a local quilt shop, picked up some fat quarters, and I went to work. However, this little project ended up a bit more (read: a lot more) complicated than it needed to.

At a point, finishing this gift for this university student (in her final semester!) with a bunch of looming deadlines seemed impossible. I'm so happy to say I did manage to pull it off just in time, though. 

I started with this blue bow-tie which, admittedly, gave me problems.

While there are a bunch of bow tie tutorials laying around on the web, I wanted to ensure I could make it adjustable because I knew I wouldn't have many opportunities to confirm the fit before the day. With that in mind, I used this tutorial from Pretty Prudent.

It's sort of an awkward pattern, in my honest opinion, because it has a huge bow but a relatively small strap. At first glance, I was a bit dubious of the length of the strap (only 14" for a man WITH seam allowances?), so I did lengthen it by an inch or two. Turns out, I didn't lengthen it enough and it was even tight around me. I had to re-cut a new, much longer, strap to make it work.

And while it does work, I'm not in love with the finished product - I think the bow is a bit too big - but if he's okay with it, I guess it's okay. 

After experiencing this defeat, I decided to use a different pattern but employ the same techniques and strap I used with Pretty Prudent's. The next contender was this freebie from Grainline Studio.

Construction for this bow tie went a lot smoother and the finished product is much nicer. I like Grainline's bow and how it came together. Albeit, in hindsight, I probably should have used a thinner cotton quilting as opposed to this grey chambray.

This bow tie got a huge thumbs up from the guy, though! 

Lastly, is our personal favourite - a skinny tie sewn from See Kate Sew's free pattern.

As soon as I spotted this paper airplane print, I thought it'd be a perfect choice for my print-obsessed fiancé. He was very excited about the prospect of having a tie sewn in this fabric, so I knew I couldn't mess it up!

Thankfully, the tie went together swimmingly and we're both so happy with the finished product. Isn't it just so cute?

Did you sew your significant other a Valentine's Day gift? 

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