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Mabel and Briar: A Match Made for a Me-Made Valentine's Day

Mabel and Briar: A Match Made for a Me-Made Valentine's Day

I've never really been one for Valentine's Day. In fact, I've had a string of unfortunate Valentine's Days. The one that takes the cake, (or shall I say heart-shaped box of chocolates?), was my first Valentine's Day with my now-fiancΓ©.

Long story short, I ended up with chipped teeth and a couple of scratches and bruises after slipping on ice while walking home from school. While it was absolutely mortifying then, it's kind of an endearing story for me, now.

Anyways, for this Valentine's Day, I decided to wear a me-made outfit to our dinner date. I love dressing up in clothes I make and especially try to do so for every special occasion.

Now, there were some restrictions placed on for this outfit - I had to be able to wear it to class and it had to be comfortable for a long commute for a field trip (am I the only one in university who still gets field trips?).  

After contemplating for a bit, I decided to match a trusty old favourite skirt with a new shirt for a cute and comfortable date-night look. 

Enter the sweet combination of a Colette Mabel pencil skirt and a cropped Megan Nielsen Briar t-shirt.

If you look into my closet, you'll see quite a few of these Mabel skirts because of how easy they are to make and wear.

This one of favourites though. It's made out of a beautiful, burgundy knit jacquard.

Fun fact: I loved this fabric the first time I saw it at the fabric store, I went back for more to make a dress that is also in frequent rotation in my wardrobe.

After a trip to New York City last month, and a stop at Purl Soho, I bought a bundle of scraps which included the black metallic linen I used to make the pocket on Briar. As soon as I saw the fabric, I knew it had to become a pocket for an otherwise basic black t-shirt.

I used the Briar because I loved the curved hem, unique neckline binding method, and the cropped version.

Unfortunately, it was a bit more cropped than expected, so it is destined to become a layering piece which isn't necessarily a problem because it's so versatile!

Do you also try to wear me-mades for every special occassion in your life?

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