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Why I Will (Eventually) Recreate This Denim Hollyburn

Why I Will (Eventually) Recreate This Denim Hollyburn

Have you ever lost your sewjo? Even just temporarily? 

I have.

During two immense weeks of stress and chaos (including a cold!), I've finally managed to start sewing again and I've got to say, I've missed it. A lot.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that this Hollyburn skirt was a long time coming! 


I was hungry to create, so I turned to my stash for a project. I found 1.5 yards of stretch denim and got to work, attempting to make a button down skirt. 

Turns out, I didn't have enough fabric for the pattern and so, I pulled out Sewaholic's Hollyburn pattern for the first time. This Hollyburn was truly an exercise in creative problem solving.

I managed to squeeze all the pieces out of my yardage (even if I had to cheat with the grainline for the pockets) and threaded up my machine. Constructing this skirt was pretty basic and pain-free until I got way over-ambitious and attempted to insert an exposed zipper.


Let's just say, my first attempt at an exposed zipper ended up in fraying edges and tears. Because my denim had stretch, I was able to work with larger seam allowances and attempted a centered zipper, but, alas, I am still a bit unhappy with the application.

While I love how the skirt looks from the front, I'm pretty embarrassed by the back. Please bear with me! It's okay, though, because I discovered a pattern I really love. Perhaps I'll even (eventually) recreate this denim skirt with exposed zipper and all!


Have you ever failed at a project that was supposed to be so simple? How did you manage that?


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