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How I Plan to Sew My Wedding Dress

How I Plan to Sew My Wedding Dress

As some of you may know, I'll be getting married relatively soon. Actually, in less than a year's time now. The special day is June 2, 2018, and I couldn't be any more excited! My fiance and I are both creative people (he's a graphic designer), so, of course, it wouldn't be our wedding without a little (or a lot of) DIY.

One thing I knew that I would DIY from the start of our engagement was my dress. I've made my prom dress, the two dresses I graduated high school and university in, and couldn't not make this dress for such an important milestone in my life. So much so, one of the first things I actually did after getting engaged was pick up The Wedding Dress: How to Make the Perfect One for You.

Now that we finally have a date and a venue, it's time to get started on this massive project. Read below to find out how I plan to do it.

 How I Plan to Sew My Wedding Dress

The Fabric

While I may not be too sure of what pattern I will be using yet, I am definitely sure of the fabric. This past January, when my fiance and I were in New York City (where we got engaged two years prior), I decided to check out the Garment District just to see what the stores had to offer as I wasn't planning on buying any fabric for my wedding dress yet. However, on my birthday, we had a bit of spare time in our itinerary before catching our flight back home, so we ventured into a closing store in the Garment District and I found the most perfect lace.

It is simply stunning with its lovely design and how it incorporates pearls. I fell in love. When I found out the price was only $25/yard (what?!?!), I had to get it! To give myself some flexibility on the style, I bought four yards of it. I am so glad that my dress will now have fabric from our favourite city. As for the underlining silk I have yet to purchase, I will be buying it back in Toronto once I decide, for certain, on a pattern. Stay tuned! 

The Pattern

As mentioned above, I am not too sure on the pattern I will be using to make my dress. Originally, I had wanted a short dress, but I believe a longer dress would better suit the venue and atmosphere of our wedding now. Let me just say here that it's difficult finding trendy wedding dress patterns that look somewhat similar to what you would find at a typical bridal store. These are the two options I have lined up to try, though:

Trumpet Gown

I saw the Trumpet Gown BurdaStyle pattern when it was first released this past March and I knew it was one of my top contenders. The silhouette is classic and it gives up true wedding vibes. I have already start making a muslin for it. I am positive I'll love the silhouette but I am a bit hesitant on the instructions... there are pretty much zero pictures and I'm still a bit hung up on constructing the straps. I'm also not sure how exactly I'd use the lace on the princess seamed bodice. Pattern matching that will be difficult! 

Elizabeth Gown

The Elizabeth Gown by Named Patterns is the second contender. The design's a bit more revealing and done in my lace, I think it will look very Roaring 20s (which is a win for me!). It's a stunning dress and the sample looks wonderful. If I decide to go through with it, I'll use the lace strictly for the skirt. I have a hunch that will be easier, despite the multiple panels, than creating a lace overlay of the Trumpet Gown's pattern. I'm not quite convinced how I will like the slightly looser silhouette but it does give me some room for weight fluctuations that are bound to occur during stressful times. Practically, this may be my best bet, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet and bought the pattern to muslin.

The Timeline

I hope to be done the dress well in advance as I will be doing a lot of other DIY things for the wedding. Ideally, I would be finished six months in advance but I could push it to four months out without feeling super stressed out. With that in mind, here's the timeline I plan to follow:


Make initial muslins and do initial fittings.

Keep a record of notes about the instructions and any changes I make to them. 


Decide on final dress pattern and make final muslin.

Purchase rest of materials for the dress.

Brush up on how to sew lace with this Craftsy class.


Take my time to cut and sew up the dress. This is not a project I plan to tackle in a day (like my Nettie dresses!).

Throughout the process, I will be posting up some progress shots on Instagram and will possibly create some more blog posts about the wedding (i.e. crafts I will be making, vests I will be sewing, etc.).

What would you like to hear about and what dress do you think is the one?

Let me know in the comments below! 


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